Mobile menu is gone
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Mobile menu is gone

linkPost by Malin » Mon May 07, 2018 7:33 am


I created a wp website using Realistic theme a few months ago. I created a menu and a a mobile menu, and both worked fine. After some time the mobile menu is not visible anymore - not on Android or web-browsers (narrow window). At the moment I did several adjustments so I cannot be sure what caused the change (upgrade of wp and Realistic theme, upgrade of add-in Elementor, created a landing page).

I've been thorough all settings in wp and cannot understand what has gone wrong. However, I've noticed that there is a top navigation bar (linked to landing page) only visible in mobile view. Somehow this seems to replace the mobile menu.

Can I please get advice on how to solve this? :?:

Best regards,
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Re: Mobile menu is gone

linkPost by admin » Thu May 10, 2018 10:07 pm

Hello Malin,

Thanks for joining us :D

Well, that's weird! When you go to Appearance => Menus, do you have a non-empty menu assigned to Mobile Menu location under Menu Settings?

If you disable Elementor and it's add-ons, does the menu appear again?

If possible, give me a link to your website and I will take a look.
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