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Rigid Foam Insulation in Cold Storage Applications

When it comes to thermal insulation, the aim is usually to trap the heat in. Nonetheless, many of the performance factors that affect the choice of insulation in these conditions still apply once the goal is to keep the heat out.

Examples vary from large grocery warehouses to commercial wineries to institutional food storage spaces. Three essential factors to consider for insulating cold storage spaces are the insulation's:

• Moisture-efficiency
• Thermal-efficiency
• Compressive strength

Paying attention to these three characteristics will help guarantee high-performance, cost-effective insulation for any space that needs to be kept cold.


Water is an excellent heat conductor, and moisture decreases the thermal performance of insulation. In choosing insulation, consideration of the moisture efficiency of a material is essential.

This is particularly true for cold storage facilities for areas of the building envelope which are exposed to high moisture, like under foundation walls and on concrete slabs.


All insulations are designed to block heat flow from warm areas to colder areas, but their thermal efficiency varies widely with the material. Rigid foams excel in cold storage applications for their high R-values, ability to provide continuous insulation and durability.

Compressive strength

Since isolating under the floor slabs of cold storage facilities is normal, knowing the compressive strengths of insulations is crucial for saving money.

In any building project, choosing the right insulation is important, but particularly so in cold storage facilities. In many buildings, sub-performing insulation leads to higher energy expenses and user grievances.

Since few people work inside cold storage facilities, a too-warm environment will not cause anyone to complain but can result in expensive spoilage.

StarRFoam's 'Cold Storage' is a lightweight, closed-cell, rigid insulation, available in 1/2″ to 40″ thickness with 2'x8′ or 4'x8′ sheets, and other custom shapes and sizes as well.

StarRFoam's 'Cold Storage' is manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS). Its physical and thermal properties make it ideal for Cold Storage applications. Builders and suppliers can contact your local sales representative or call us at 800-722-6218 for more information.
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