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Waiting For The Premium Version

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:18 pm
by TahMiD
Dear Asmi Khalil,
I'm waiting for the Premium Version of the Realistic theme. Recently I noticed that your store theme (themient dot com) is now using google material Design, It's looking really awesome. Please include all those features in the pro version of the Realistic theme. Load More Posts (Ajax), Load More Comments (Ajax), Page Preloader Transition or Animation, Nanobar, All Material Customizable Button, Google Style Table, Live Search (Ajax), - It will be great if you add these features to the pro version.

Also, please let me know your plan, I am really excited to hear about and waiting for a long while. If you planned to release it earlier, then please let me know or I will purchase RedWaves, that's also a very cool theme. But I love to see and purchase The Premium Version of the Realistic theme, Cuz I like google material Design.

Re: Waiting For The Premium Version

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:24 pm
by admin
Hi TahMiD,

A material design theme very similar to with almost all the features you mentioned above is coming but not before the release of Elif theme. I will take me few months at least to be able to deliver it so I hope you are willing to wait. RedWaves is a good theme and more suitable for your website but it is not a material design theme so I really cannot recommended it for you if you are looking for a material design theme.

Since the release of Google's Material Design Lite framework, I've been planning to create a material design premium theme (not necessarily based on this framework). Now after more than a year, I was able to create one for and hopefully, I will be porting the design to a public theme.